Kimochi Warui

Event Complete!
Thank you to everyone who participated!
Kimochi's Haunted House
Saturday, October 28th 2023, from 4-8pm PST
Aether · Jenova
Empyreum · Ward 7 · Plot 12

  • Use /emotelog off to be respectful of the chat log and everyone who may be trying to read it.

  • Use /housing or /hou if you get stuck.

  • Elevators work by walking into the center area of the archway, standing still on the Dwarven floor lamp, then jumping.

  • The upper elevator will likely require two (2) jumps.

  • Our staff are underpaid volunteers, please be sure to offer them your patience, thanks, and monetary favor.

Games & Events

Thanks to Kimochi FC members for their kind donations!Including mounts, minions, bardings, hairstyles, orchestrions, and other tricks and treats we have many things to giveaway. Make sure you have some inventory space!


Name: Ishtara Moonsong
Pronouns: She/Her
Job: Hostess/Manager
Favourite Candy: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Butterfingers, Dark Chocolate


Dealer will roll 1-13; the values correspond to 1-10 plus 11, 12, and 13 for the face cards. 1's are Aces and can be counted toward your card total as a 1 or an 11.The Dealer will begin with one card.
Each player will be dealt two cards.
Each player will be given the option to Hit, Stand, or Double Down, as is applicable in the game of Blackjack.
If the total exceeds 21 the hand is busted and the player will lose.
After all player turns are completed the dealer will draw another card(s).
Dealer will stand on 17. If the dealer busts any player who did not bust wins, this is considered a table win. If the dealer does not bust, then any player who has a total greater than the dealer, wins. A tie is called a push, and the bet will be pushed to the next round. If a player decides to quit after a tie, the bet is lost. Any player with a total less than the dealer, loses.
Payouts are 2.5x on a Natural Blackjack, wherein the first two cards drawn total 21. Any other win is 2x payout.


As played at The Back Door! Pick your bomb number. if the dealer rolls over your bomb on that round of the run you can take the multiplier times your bet or can choose to continue to the next roll in the run for a chance at a higher multiplier.

Haunt and Go Seek

Randomly throughout the night a member of the Free Company Kimochi will hide in the haunted house. It will be announced who is haunting. The first person to find and trade that member will win a prize.


Randomly throughout the night we will have giveaways. Use /random in chat to produce one random number. The player with the Highest, Lowest, or Closest to a target number, as will be noted at the time, shall win a prize.

75/25 Raffle

Speak to the hostess to purchase your ticket(s) at 100,000 gil a piece. For each ticket purchased you will be given a number. At the end of the night a /dice of the total number of entries will be rolled to decide the winner. The winner will split the total pot 75/25 with Kimochi's Venue fund.